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So I have started off this Monday with a flat tire. Well, almost flat. Enfeebled, at least. It actually began last night with a little warning light on my dashboard, flaring to life and giving me an immediate anxiety attack, as always. Low tire pressure, the little exclamation point shouted at me. So I took myself to the closest filling station with an air machine, dug my tire gauge out of my purse (it was, hilariously, right next to my sonic screwdriver), checked all four tires and sure enough, one had only 14 of its proper 32 psi. D'oh!

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I filled it back up, the light went off, and I went on my way. Things were fine for a little while; the light stayed off until I got to my destination, my car sat patiently in my friend's driveway for a couple hours, but when I started it back up to go home the light was on again. I definitely had a leak that needed to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Since I don't live far away from my friend's house, I drove carefully home, checked the pressure there, which was low but not too low, and decided I'd wait until the morning to call AAA. It was well past midnight at this point and I had to be back up in a few hours anyway. I spent the next couple hours pricing tires online and looking up reviews.

Woke up and went out to check the car and lo and behold, the tire still had some air. Enough, in fact, that if you didn't look too hard, you couldn't even tell the tire was low. And luckily, we have a tire/repair shop not even a block away, so I drove there on the sad, wounded tire, but I didn't have to call and have the spare put on, which was nice.

Also nice: they were able to take care of me immediately; no other cars were in the shop yet.

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I was hoping the tire could be repaired, since it was losing air so slowly. But no dice, alas. The poor thing gave its last getting me there and had to be sent to a farm upstate to live out its days (ahem). Time for new tires. But back to good things: I only needed two, not all four; and the man at the tire shop didn't try to upsell me to more than I needed. In fact, the first thing he suggested was the cheapest option, saying it was comparable to what I had (the factory originals). I actually had to ask for a better option, as I'd prefer to spend a little more and get better traction in bad weather. He suggested something surprisingly reasonable, far less than the top-rated but super-pricey ones I'd been looking at. So I spent less than I'd expected, even if it was more than I'd hoped.

So that was my morning adventure. My car has a new pair of sneakers, I made it to all my places safely, and I'm thankful as ever that I always carry a tire gauge in my purse. Hooray!

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It's 6:30pm here and it still looks like it's afternoon! WIN. I love this. LOVE. I love the act of turning my clocks forward. It feels like an official sign that the long, dark winter is over. It feels like the promise of spring! YAAAAAAAAY. It helps that it's warm out today, and was last night. I slept with the windows open, and the sound and scent of the soft rain surrounding me. And I woke up happy, excited to have what feels like a gift, an extra hour of daylight when it matters most. (to me)

Bonus source of joy: new episode of The Walking Dead tonight! Which I will let the FGRs watch first and then I will make them tell me if Daryl survived so that I can watch. *g*

Hope you're all having - or have had - a wonderful day!

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So whenever I'm composing a new entry, or editing one I've started via my iPhone (I have to use it to upload pictures sometimes), there's this little box at the bottom of the page - which is checked as often as not - saying "Do not add to friends page and RSS". Which...what? Why would I post if I don't want my posts to show up on my friends' lists? Isn't that the point of LJ? If I have an occasional post I wouldn't want people to see, I could set it as "private". So what gives? And how can I get the box to show up un-checked as default? I am afraid I will forget to un-check it manually sometimes and then you all will miss out on hearing from me, which would be an epic tragedy. *g*

Does anyone else have this issue? Or am I, as usual, fretting over nothing?

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Behold! My new Daryl Dixon icon! *swoons a bit*

Also, here is a picture of Scooter nested in a pile of blankets: click for the cuteCollapse )

I am so happy it's Friday and the weekend is just around the corner, you guys. SO happy. It's been another devil of a week at work, and I'm struggling to deal with all the stress and drama. But I have a Krispy Kreme cherry(esque) pie for breakfast; it's supposed to get up into the 50s today (which will feel downright tropical after the weather we've been having); and this weekend we FINALLY go back to Awesome Extra Evening Sunlight Time (a.k.a. Daylight Saving), so things are really looking up. Huzzah!

I've been Tumblring a lot lately. Just a reminder, I am chicklet73 over there too if anyone wants to hook up! *eyebrow waggle*

I also downloaded Instagram, which I can apparently use to post to Tumblr (can anyone confirm?). I just haven't signed up or used it yet because "chicklet73" is taken already and my mind got all blown and I didn't know what to do. Use a permutation of "chicklet73"? Use one of my other usernames? Create something totally new and do an overhaul of all my Internet identities, trying to align them with fandom vs. personal? (I get all afraid my corporate overlords will spy on me because companies do that now, right?) Would a fresh start, a change, allow me to get everything re-organized?

Only I can take a simple task and turn it into a complete identity crisis. Brrrrrt---

How are all of you?

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(It's not what you think)
(unless you're thinking about alleys and pins and balls)


(let me explain)

So! FGR#1 came home last night from bowling and told me about one of the guys on an opposing team. This guy was legally blind. This guy also bowled in the 150s.

I can maybe eke out a 70 on a GOOD day.

Excellent. I am half as good (or twice as bad?) at bowling as an actual, literal blind person. GO ME.


The sun came out for a little while today. Finally! A few minutes, just a peek, through a "sucker hole" (OFFICIAL WEATHER TERM). It was quite lovely; I was beginning to feel like one of the kids from "All Summer in a Day".


Not something you see every day: a bumper sticker, on a car in the parking lot of Whole Foods, reading "I don't believe the liberal media."


I've seen some promo pics for Doctor Who recently. Loving Eleven's outfit. Waistcoat! Pocket watch! SNAZZY.


While paying for my purchases (buy one get one 50% off on my favorite hand lotion, woo hoo!) last night at the drug store, I responded "Shiny!" to seeing my savings. The checker perked up. "Did you say 'shiny'?" he asked. I immediately felt that little tingle of happiness in the pit of my stomach, the one that comes when someone catches one of my casual references. The imminent connection, the promise of a shared fandom. "Yep," I replied. "Firefly." (just wanted to be sure) Well, his face lit right up (apparently he felt The Tingle too) and we launched into a conversation about Captain Tightpants and company, about what a great show it was, about XKCD and one of its comics featuring Nathan Fillion and a skateboard was great. I always love running into one of my people out in the wild. *g*


Hope you're having a great day, flist! ♥

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Welcome March! Welcome Spring! Welcome sunshine and daffodils and warm breezes and—

*looks out window*

DAMMITCollapse )

(oh, and the first person who says "Ooh, pretty!" gets to come clean off my car. *g* And shovel off my back patio so Scooter can go to the toilet. And drive me to work.)

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So I've been to see The Book of Mormon recently. I refer, of course, to the musical, not the book. I didn't make a pilgrimage to a store or library or Morman temple (are they temples?) just to lay eyes on that famous tome or anything. No, I went to the theatre and watched cute boys sing and dance and make me laugh myself silly. I loved it! And then. AND THEN. YOU GUYS. After the cast took their final bows, the lead actor gestured to us, the audience, for a moment's quiet, and he began to speak. AND HE WAS BRITISH.


*clasps hands to chest*

That accent, you guys. THAT ACCENT. It is like music to me; so very beautiful. I love to hear words, any words, spoken in it. Rectangle. Bother. Spreadsheet. Meatloaf. Any of them. All of them. They all sound good all Britished up.

I wish I sounded half as lovely when I speak.

Alas, I am from the Midwest, and my words sound all flat and blah. Thank goodness for the Internets where I can communicate with people by typing them, thus disguising my verbal disgrace!


It snowed again here yesterday. All day. Morning, noon, afternoon, evening. Snow snow and snow, whirling around in the air, dusting trees and grass and things, yet not a bit of it sticking to the roads. HUZZAH. Now that kind of snow I do not mind. No danger, no car crashes, no injuries or deaths or anxiety. Because clear roads equal love. And the greatest inconvenience is brushing a bit of fluff off of your car's windows so you can see (important!).

Hope you're all having – or have had, depending on when you read this – a great final day of February.


p.s. if anyone can tell me how to set the default pivot table layout to "tabular view" in Excel 2010, I'd be mighty obliged. I'm already (only after three days) kind of tired of having to change it manually, and the other views are useless to my end users of my spreadsheet. And I've had no luck finding an answer by Googling. *sigh*

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Yesterday was a...challenging day, here at the office. I won't bore you with the reasons (and besides, one never knows when one's employes is spying on them online). But suffice it to say I left the place feeling pretty out-of-sorts.

And then.

Standing in the chilly rain, in the parking lot of a store, waiting for a break in traffic so I could cross, I saw an SUV stop. The driver smiled and waved me through, holding the line for me so I could hurry inside.

That little bit of kindness really lifted my spirits. So thank you, mystery lady! I hope the rest of your night was good, and that someone did something nice for you too.

A couple more things that made me smile:

1. This, which I saw floating around Tumblr:
Ron Swanson FTWCollapse )

2. And this, from The Bloggess.

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(No, not me. The weather.)

It's just warm and sunny enough out there to balance the chill of the wind. If it were cloudy, it would be too cool. If there was no breeze, it would be too warm (at least while wearing winter clothes, including the boots which are necessary for now due to all the snow and slush hanging around). Luckily, we've got a perfect balance of both, both elements doing their thing, like fire and ice, hitting a person with just enough variation around the middle to be comfy without being boring.


I was thinking today how lucky I am to have a body. I love my body! I'm not saying it's a sexy hot body which inspires attraction and envy in men and women alike. No. I'm saying it does a lot of nifty things that I couldn't experience without it. It allows me to taste the Mega Stuf Oreos I just had for a snack. It allows me to read this entry as I type it. It allows me to type it. It allows me to feel Scooter's warm fur as I pet him, and the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. It allows me to walk from my car into the store where I bought my ridiculous bring pink purse for Spring. It allows me to sing along to my favorite song, to hear a friend's voice on the phone, to smell the scent of fresh baked bread. It allows me to laugh, which feels good; and cry, which can also feel good, in a way.

It may not be beautiful by some people's standards, but it operates beautifully, and through it I get to experience life. What more could I ask for?

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Sometimes the best part of a holiday is the day after:

NOM half-off NOMCollapse )

And another kind of sweetness - thank-you flowers for me:

Aren"t they pretty? I love carnations. And Hipstamatic. ARTSY. *g*Collapse )

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